Millennium Promise Competition

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People's (Millennium) Promise

by Justin Kemerling
Co-authors: Katie Kemerling

We want to make champions. With a single story shared on the web, a candid conversation amongst family and friends, and the building of a new inclusive mindset, we want to create a powerful ripple effect.

Our goal is to design an educational website / social community where stories and resources can be shared from Nebraska, to Norway, to Ruhiira.

The People's (Millennium) Promise campaign includes:

1. Visual execution that builds off of the Millennium Promise brand while simultaneously creating a unique presence of its own

2. Uploaded videos of people sharing their stories on the "Promise View"

3. Videos in progress from the ground of the "Living Document"

4. Social community pages that offer a home base for resource sharing, personal ownership and progress tracking

5. Online vehicles such as desktop wallpaper, poster downloads, icons and web banners

Overall, we ask for a user-generated voice for change where individual stories can collide with the work being done in communities across the world to end poverty. We see the need for everyone, everywhere — as the countdown to 2015 continues — to come together and say, "we promise."