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Nails and Flowers

Co-authors: Armando Milani, Samar Sayegh, Rana Al Ghrairi

The pain that Africa has been forced to live in is more than just hunger, thirst, conflicts, corruption, poverty, insecurity. It is the apathy of the world. As Martin Luther King Jr. said, “you will not remember the words of your enemies but the silence of their friends”. We may not be friends, but we are brothers; the children of Adam and Eve.

Apathy is not necessarily just the lack of feeling but also the lack of action. Everyone knows, some sympathize but only a few go out of their way to make a difference. The least the rest of the world can do is to support those few who spend their days away from the comforts of their personal lives, dedicated to the cause of helping our brothers and sisters in Africa.

The Millennium Promise has identified the means to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015. All they ask of us is to participate and support their cause. As far as life goes this is a duty, not a choice.

In our first poster we have showed Africa’s pain as the nails pierce through it. We chose to color the continent of Africa red to remind everyone of the bloodshed, anger, and hurt that they have endured.

The second poster has flowers growing out of Africa, reminding us that it doesn’t have to be imagined as such a heartbreaking place. People forget to see the beauty of Africa, or what could be Africa if the Millennium Promise fulfills its commitment. The color green reminds us of a new start, a new life, full of promises and a future that can sustain itself. The flowers grow with commitment, love, and care. Each flower will spread its seeds and through the butterfly effect will produce ripples of hope across Africa.

Instead of looking at each hole that the nails have pierced as an incurable wound, we found a window of opportunity in each hole as a chance to cultivate a new beginning.

Poverty doesn’t have to be extreme, and a blooming Africa doesn’t need to be a dream.

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” – Abraham Lincoln-

*These posters are supposed to be represented next to each other for a stronger effect (the images could be presented on two different sides of a T-shirt, postcard, etc).