Millennium Promise Competition

Competition Details


by marconik

Think about a knot.
1) It links two or more parts together.
Now image a virtual knot on the web. It could link two or more people creating a community focused on MDG topics.
2) It’s done to remember.
When you don’t want to forget something, the easiest way to recall a date is to tie a knot.
We all have one date in 2015.
3) Sometimes it hurts.
When it’s too tied one knot can cause pain and great sorrows losing freedom, dignity and even life. The world has eight main knots: our goal is to solve them.
The Tie-in campaign moves in a viral way through e-mails.
It’s a game where two persons (normally friends) are virtually tied by another friend. They have to “solve” together a knot (just clicking the knot linked to MDG home page).
If they solve it, they can send a Tie_in mail to other two friends.
This game gives visibility and knowledge about MDG program and builds up a “Tie_in” community a place to discuss, learn, meet and work on MDG goals.
This campaign can be used as an adv campaign (billboards and gadgedt).
Now just Tie_in with the Millennium Development Goals!