Millennium Promise Competition

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Goshugi Project

by Haruyuki
Co-authors: Chihiro Kurinami

“Goshugi” is a Japanese traditional ceremony to celebrate others by sending money or something to express their feelings of celebration. We translated this act as an act of connecting people to people by the feeling of celebration.
People who have accepted “Goshugi” will give “Goshugi-gaeshi” which is to make return for the “Goshugi”.
It is said that 10% of the new born babies die in Africa before they become 1year old, while the world average is about 5%. This number needs to be decreased; this was our motive to plan this project.
We have four aims of this project. First, to help save the new born babies by raising money by “Goshugi”. Second, to connect people to people by the feeling of celebration. Third, to make people aware of the problems in Africa.
Fourth, by updating the baby’s picture on the website, to inspire other people to send “Goshugi” so that it will become a world wide movement.
The Millennium Promise will work as a bridge between the users all over the world and the African pregnant mothers. Contributors who wish to celebrate the baby’s birth will be able to do so through the website and send their feeling of celebration as “Goshugi”. The “Goshugi” will be sent to the African pregnant mother through The Millennium Promise. The Contributors will receive a report that shows to whom their “Goshugi” was sent to, and other profiles. This will make the contributors feel related to the African mothers.
African mothers whom received the “Goshugi”, will make return “Goshugi-gaeshi” by sending their smile. The Millennium Promise will help mothers to send their picture through the website.
We started to plan this project from just one wish, to save the babies. We were all celebrated when we were born. Why not celebrate the babies in Africa by using Japanese custom. This campaign’s point is that by using the internet website, it can inspire other becoming-contributors, and that the contributors will be able to see the face of the African mothers, which will build relationship between African mothers and all over the world. We hope this campaign will lead to decrease the percentage of unexpected death of the newborn babies.