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The World Wide Web of Lies

by Sam Dunne

"Oh, what a tangled web we weave / When first we practice to deceive!"

Sir Walter Scott – Scottish Poet


CONCEPT: “The World Wide Web of Lies”
>>> domain name would be:


I identified three key problems that led to my design solution:

- Knowledge of the Millennium Promise and the UN Millennium Summit and the 8 MDG’s is low.

- We are saturated by many charities battling for attention and money. We have become numb to images of poverty and suffering.

- The political realm is plagued with lies and empty promises. We almost don’t expect truth from our politicians anymore. This allows an endless cycle of lies, hopes, broken promises and failures to get in the way of the world’s development…and we put up with it! We’re half way towards 2015 and yet commitment towards the MDGs by governments has been poor. Nothing short of a revolution is needed!


The World Wide Web of Lies, which would be found at, is a concept for a web advertisement campaign that attempts to tackles these three problems.

The website is primarily an internet public artwork, created as people submit lies that they have told to the site to join the “web of lies”. The site provides something of popular interest as it allows users to explore the “web” and read, rate and comment on others lies. Traffic would be directed to the site as word spreads in the blogosphere and from other media as well as word of mouth. Through exploring the site the user comes across other items of interest intended to provide food for thought regarding lies in our society, particularly in our political system.

Tempting the curiosity of the user in the top right hand corner of the site, emblazon in red, are the word “who are the big fat liars?”. On clicking on this a video is launched informing the user of the UN Millennium Summit, the MDG’s and the plight of the Millennium Promise.

The user is then invited to read more about the cause and “pester” their political leader. By entering their name the user joins the millions of people expressing their desire for the MDG’s to be achieved by 2015 and for our countries’ promises to be kept.


Target: 16 – 35 – ie active web users – the next generation of politically active.