Millennium Promise Competition

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The Age of Reason

by donnav
Co-authors: NA

The Age of Reason is an outline for a campaign in the design of a downloadable game that utilizes the 8 Millennium development goals represented as stages in a game campaign’s features and within each campaign landscape or village setting that mimics real life that can be played to determine better economies and lives.

The delivery of the message of the Millenium Goals admittedly risks appearing oversimplified in a game format. Though the format is not that alien as simulations are conducted of spaceflights, flights and urban plans to account for multiple variables with some success in training as well as for leisure. The format delivers an additional opportunity to utilize each game component as part of an informational campaign for current and planned activities.

Delivery & Audience:
It is able to be delivered static in epic form, online via website in individual campaign form , as well as downloadable in either campaign or epic form so it is able to be delivered to office and personal email addresses as part of an introduction or otherwise.