Millennium Promise Competition

Competition Details

Life gives you...take care of it

by Ruben Prado

Millennium1 mean:
“The life that flows on earth, sustains all about we are. The hands of the earth give and take care of us. It cares for the latent promise inside seeds and projects: Bringing new life and wealth to the world. Right now we are called to join our hands to support the 8 goals of Millennium Promise.”
Campaign proposal:
The aim of this campaign is to put the Millennium3 icon in websites of most featured newspapers, magazines, and organizations around the World. This icon link to Millennium Promise website, the site will show image Millennium5 which explains the 8 goals, how we can donate, and get involved.
Additional I intend to make an insert in printed newspapers and magazines around the world, with Millennium1 mean text and millennium1 image in front. The back to the flyer shows 8 goals’ pictures an how we can donate.