Millennium Promise Competition

Competition Details

Game & Website

by bcotton

My proposal is to develop an interactive game within a website that accomplishes the following:

1) Enables people to LEARN MORE about the United Nation's Millennium Development Goals.

2) Encourages people to GET INVOLVED in reaching the goals by presenting a list of resources available to them. This area would include ways for them to volunteer their services, sign up for newsletters, register for events and sign petitions.

3) Provides a place where visitors can DONATE money to help Millennium Promise achieve the 8 MDGs.

Banner ads and email newsletters will drive traffic to a website that is divided into three sections (LEARN MORE, GET INVOLVED and DONATE). The homepage of the site features a game that serves to both attract people to the site and help them become more familiar with the development goals.

The first screen of the game is composed of instructions, a list of the 8 MDGs with their corresponding icon, and an image of a large globe with a 'Play' button on it.

Clicking on 'Play' unfolds the globe onto an interactive, gray-scale map of the world. The same list of the 8 MDG's remains on the right.

When the player clicks 'Start' the timer begins and
a horizontal, scrolling list of random MDG icons runs along the top of the map. Hot spots, caused by poverty, hunger and disease quickly expand in colored circles on the world map below. These areas are represented by an MDG icon in the center of the expanding circle. The player would need to find and then drag & drop the same MDG icon from the scrolling list above, down to the circular hot spot on the map below. The circles grow if they are ignored but disappear when enough 'aid' is given.

The goal of the game is to clear the board of all of the hot spots, by dragging the corresponding icon onto them, before the time runs out.

The final screen is composed of a brightly colored map with the user's score, a congratulatory message and links to 'Play Again' or 'Send to a Friend'.

Upon completion, the user is encouraged to send the game to a friend and visit other important areas of the web site.

Icons- © UNDP Brazil