Millennium Promise Competition

Competition Details

MDG Online Video Commercial Campaign

by dmetzky
Co-authors: Normal Design

The overall message of this campaign is a literal use of the Millennium Promise tag line: Extreme poverty ends here. This campaign uses motion graphics to educate the viewer on the eight Millennium Development Goals; moving imagery and audio is used to take the viewer on a visual journey and establish a recognition of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and the Millennium Promise brand. This campaign is a representation of the interaction and connection between the eight MDGs – a visual metaphor that is based upon the idea that all the MDGs are a part of a whole, the Millennium Promise, and are created to interact together to improve the lives of the world’s poorest.

This campaign is designed to be an online, non-interactive video commercial to be played at the beginning of news stories, sporting highlights or on any other website that displays video content. This commercial would be placed at the beginning of other videos that the viewer is intending to watch. A typical example: a user clicks to watch a sport highlight package on their favourite sporting news website. Before the actual highlights begin, this short commercial is played directly before the video content. This allows the full commercial to be viewed by millions of users around the world, as it can be included on any website that displays video content that a user wants to view.

The intended target audience for this campaign is anyone who reads local or global news online, watches sport highlights online, or any other video media from a website source. The campaign is versatile in its use because it is a self contained commercial that can be placed in a variety of locations on the internet. Video content has risen dramatically in the recent past with development of new video display technology, making videos faster to download or stream and easier and faster to obtain for the general user. This presents an ideal situation to display online commercials directly before the video content a user wants to view.

This campaign can be adapted to be used globally; the text can be translated into any language for display. The actual commercial content is not culture specific therefore can be displayed on any website, regardless of the language.

Millennium Development Goal icons: © UNDP Brazil.