Millennium Promise Competition

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by sanjay kumar kuruvella


My idea on this is we should have environmental studies from child wood on words.Teachers should teach about environment(current position and what precautions w should take to protect our earth).From 7th class on words
we should do give environmental projects like planting,designing of cotton bags in the size of carry bags
(polythene covers) ... and this designed covers should be distributed to every shops in there towns. This finance government should provide for every schools in the country.
And my idea is designing of artificial paddy fields in he areas where is heavy rain fall and near the river sides because if there is heavy rain also we can save our fields.For this finance should be provide from the MDG
to every country and local governments should look after this fields and they should send the paddy every year to the MDG and from here we should distributed to poor
people.We should request every country if there is government place without cultivation please make into cultivation land (MDG should provide the finance).