Millennium Promise Competition

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Spend Strong!

by Matt Rues


The Millennium Development goals will require years of hard work in order to accomplish. Getting people involved, and keeping them involved, means getting the mission into their hands. (It also means I didn't fully read the competition guidelines. But since this is a network for ideas and I think this one will really help, I'm submitting it regardless:)

High-Vis Yellow (Thanks Lance!), and used around the world millions of times a day, this 100% socially responsible credit card helps mankind achieve it's greatest accomplishment: The Millennium Development Goals.

Moderate interest rates with more than moderate returns, the Millennium Promise "SAVI" card allow the message of "Prosperity for All" to spread like wildfire around the world. All while creating a constant source of funding for our eight very important goals.

Money for supporting the Millennium Development Goals will come from the interest made on purchases as well as the monthly donation opportunities on each statement.

Using the card in stores allow other humans to see this exciting card, therefore being exposed to the concept of the Millennium Promise. Hopefully this will cause those like-minded philanthropist to check out the Millennium Promise website and get involved by applying for their very own High-Vis Yellow, Socially Responsible, Money swiper thing.

-Card material could be made from non-petrol plastic if it can handle stamping. (Increase Cost - Decrease Environmental Impact)

-Card only available in one color and style (Decrease cost - Increase Visual Impact)

-Nothing fancy here. Just swipe and save the world ;)