Millennium Promise Competition

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by sanjay kumar kuruvella

To keep our EARTH GREEN we should plant a tress where
there is a open place.Open places like near cities /town/villages out cuts there will be a plenty of open places
with out any use,we should plant a tress it may be Government place or private place better to plant a tress with the help of govt.
Motivating the people who are living in the forest to live near the out cuts of villages/towns/cities.We should should design new villages (these villages must look like similar to the forest area)for this first we make the out cuts with full of tress in between this tress we should design a new villages to live.By this we can fill whole forest with tress and animals and we can save our forests.If there is heavy rain in the forest means we should lay a water pipes from forest to where there is no water(here we should built dams/lakes.... to store the water).