Millennium Promise Competition

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One Good Deed Deserves Another

by Marini Widowati

Folk tales serve as a means of handing down traditions from one generation to the next. The story telling traditions have lived for ages because of the lack of printing materials. The use of nature and animals in folk tales’ fable as parable of human traits has thrived to hand down the value of life in a beautiful way. Moreover, fable prepares young people to “life” education as there are many lessons to be learned.

Borrowing ancient African fable, the story of “The Kind Lion” is worth to be recycled as a way to spread good deed. Regardless ages, gender and boundaries this story is a showcase that good deed is contagious. Furthermore the story reminds us that cause and effect does exist. One good deed deserves another.

Separated in 6 images, the message is modified using simple children illustration artworks. This is the best way to target everyone, since there is always a child in everyone. It is also using less wording to give the images a chance to speak. Rather to campaign using words, illustration artworks is a borderless way to communicate.

The meaning of the story depends on the people who read the sign from the images. It has gradual meaning in a unique way for each person. Going deeper, transforming lives of other demands transforming one self. The kind lion is a sign of being balance in the middle of two poles to live a better life. Once in a lifetime we should make one choice in chaotic options. Follow your heart and choose what it tells. When love involves, to give is a better choice.