Millennium Promise Competition

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by sanjay kumar kuruvella


@UNDP Brazil:
MDG should design a campus which consists of SCHOOL,
HOSTEL, PLAY GROUND, HOSPITAL, INDOOR AND OUT DOOR GAMES MATERIALS, GYM,GARDENS, COMPUTERS, TELEVISIONS and common things like water,food,shelter,current....and designing a regions i.e
grouping 10 villages as one region and MDG should design a CAMPUS in these regions,totally we will get
8 campus's .MDG should motivate the parents to join there childes in this campus,in one particular campus only these villages should join.MDG should develop the childes the area witch they are interested like some are interested in studies some are interested in games,by they can so interest to join and they will be to come to campus after holidays also and MDG should telecast motivated programs for the students through special TELEVISION NETWORK.(programs like how to protect
from daises,to take good food,gardening, .....)