Millennium Promise Competition

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Eradicate Extreme Hunger and Poverty.

by sanjay kumar kuruvella


@UNDP Brazil:
Dividing the 80 villages into regions(like region 1,region 2...) in one region there should be 10 villages and MDG should provide water,current,clothing,food,T.V,houses for these regions and there should be one village(head).MDG should motivate the private and government sectors to construct industry's,research institutes...... by MDG should provide employment only for these villages people only and MDG should provide domestic animals
like buffaloes,hens,sheep's.... by this they can sell milk,eggs,meat and MDG should provide government lands for cultivation and we should motivate them how to do cultivation and precaution they should take.
Through a special TELEVISION NETWORK. This
NETWORK only for this villages by his we should motivate them in all areas,for this we should provide a TELEVISION SET for each family,in this NETWORK we should telecast only motivations programs.