Millennium Promise Competition

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Virus Cure

by mara ang

This campaign is design to target teenagers and young adults who are tech-savvy and reside in the developed nations. These target groups who are often interested in the latest trend in information technology and belong to a post-modern world that believes in relative values. It is important to target these groups with a unique campaign tailored-made from them and not bombard them with a marketer, corporate or even emotive point of view. Hence, I omit emotive visual of Africa people in this campaign in the beginning, as these will not be effective to garner support from these groups in the early stage. Introduction to the issues need to be interactive and fun, while educational at the same time before real issues of United Nations Millennium Development Goals can make sense to these important group of target audience.

We can’t stuff images into these groups forcefully, support have to come form within, in short, user-generated viral support from these groups. Facts, figures and interactive game as well as graphics can be more effective to bring across United Nations Millennium Development Goals – eight globally endorsed objectives that address the many aspects of extreme poverty – in Africa by 2015.