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Millennium Promise Competition


With Millennium Promise


1st Prize

eight goals




by Lana Lovric







Judging Feedback

The Overall Winner is eight goals by Jisuk Jung (Kyunggi Do, South Korea).

eight goals

Jung's entry was chosen by Millennium Promise CEO John McArthur and wins the $5,000 prize money.

“We congratulate the winning campaign for capturing the spirit of hope and feasibility that inspires Millennium Promise's work and is essential to achieving the Millennium Development Goals,” said McArthur.

The DESIGN 21 Judge's Picks:

Selected by our judging panel of four advisory board members, each receives $1,125 in prize money.

Happiness is Easy

Happiness is Easy by Dick Orlando Martínez Calderón (Bogota, Colombia) was selected by Marcella Echavarria.

"Because of its simplicity and potential to reach many people in a visual, universal way. A very strong point is that the image summarizes the 8 goals in one universal message: the right to be happy. I see great potential in this logo to achieve the purpose of the campaign. It communicates a sense of urgency and a specific time frame in which these goals must be achieved. The fact that it is black and white makes very versatile, thus more universal. It does not need words."

U develop

U develop by Sarah Spargo (Cornwall, United Kingdom) was selected by Cynthia Smith.

"I based my selection on which proposal promised to be most effective and had the potential for most far reaching positive impact. The U develop social networking site is designed as a “platform to facilitate the creation of a multitude of campaigns.” Individuals are empowered to eradicate poverty working through this internet-based community partnering with local African communities on real projects. Not limited to experts in the field the democratization of the effort engages people with divergent skills, interests and levels of engagement. Using the well established tools of a social network site to target and empower individuals around the world there is no limit to what is possible."

Millennium Promise Competition

Millennium Promise Competition by Cemal Mutver (Istanbul, Turkey) was chosen by Susan Szenasy.

"Its site specific and humanistic pictures, in contrast with the clarity of the type, make it a strong communication tool about a complex issue."

eight goals

Eight goals by Jisuk Jung was selected by Dr Peter Zec.

"The fresh and active approach presents its statement very clearly. Its creative power is clearly visible from beginning to end. The message is translated into a dynamic visual language."

The Most Popular entry:


HELP! by Lana Sef (Zagreb, Croatia) won the most votes by DESIGN 21 members and the prize of $500.

Honorable Mentions go to:

Spend Strong!

Spend Strong! by Matt Rues (Kansas, United States)


JOY-IN by Christiana Castenetto/GRIP (Rome, Italy)

The World Wide Web of Lies

The World Wide Web of Lies by Sam Dunne (Glasgow, United Kingdom)

MDG Online Video Commercial

MDG Online Video Commercial by David Murawsky, Normal Design (Vancouver, Canada)

Millennium Promise

Millennium Promise by Cemal Mutver (Istanbul, Turkey)

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The DESIGN 21 series challenges designers of all disciplines to find solutions to social and global issues. It’s guided by UNESCO’s premise that education, science, technology, culture and communication are tools to spread knowledge and information, build awareness and foster dialogue.

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