Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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by inione4earth.com

The message of this Furoshiki design is to ‘immediately’ make the eyes (mind) 'thoroughly' aware of the effects of a carbon rich or non-existent atmosphere for an oxygen breathing being. Rethinking the way we reduce, reuse & recycle offers us all, from the bottom up, a chance to change 'climate evolution' without the need of imposing sanctions on a populace slow to accept change from above, unless the changing weather is the one speaking.

As we listen & grow to understand our closest neighbors, the Moon & Mars, our second & third home, the increasing carbon rich Earth awakens us to the harsh reality of climate change '& evolution', as it changes the climate of human existence.

The exploration & commercialization of space is fast becoming available to our ‘conscious generation’. Therefore we must cast our vision skyward in the mold of foresight, perception & adaptation to the ensuing effects of our Earthen-neglect, because the damage has been done. Recovery or rethinking 'reduce, reuse & recycle' is our only hope since carbon levels are as high as they were several millennia ago when no human beings could walk the earth!

With a focus on learning from the stark biodiversity of our heavenly neighbors insures that humanity will learn to adopt a relationship of ‘recovery’, as though ‘from scratch’. If we are to survive our leaders choice to slow the pace of change with the beaurocracy of our global industrial ways, our immediate future must be a priority as we gaze skyward, mirroring the re-evolution of our techno-industrial age on Earth, our Moon & Mars.