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Soul of the Earth

by AJ Mallari


“The soul of the Earth
when to mortals it appear
radiates, shines in green”

If we believe that every living thing in this world has a soul then we might find it appalling to know that the ultimate bastion of life, our Earth’s soul is missing. When important things we own get lost, most, if not all the time we feel its absence they are after all important. Some may take quite a while before realizing what’s amiss, while some know it the instant it escapes their eyes. Yet only quite a few, in our billion numbers, are able to figure out that indeed something in our Earth has gone missing--Its green colored soul. This design is a story of how the Earth lost its soul and a call, a challenge to recapture it.

Our earth now, is red hot. The fumes and gases we blew off into the atmosphere may yet to poison us but it has been trapping heat in the air consequently melting our ice caps and boiling our oceans. In effect they help form hurricanes, some of which the strongest we have felt in centuries. Included in the cyclonic erasing are some of our flora and fauna, cited inside the red list of critically endangered species, their near exponential disappearance is primarily due to illegal hunting and unrestricted conversion of forests to commercial lands leaving them homeless. With little trees left to siphon off the gaseous trap and release the heat, we are facing the hottest phase in the course of our existence. But all is not lost.

We are the only search and rescue team this planet has. We need not don gears for this challenge; we should all act as partners as we are the primary stakeholders of this planet. Simple solutions like the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle) can create a domino effect of change. We aren’t called on to be heroes, just caring humans. For in the end we will all benefit from whatever effort we put in on searching for the soul of the Earth starting by painting it green again.