Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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by spice
Co-authors: circle,recycle,earth

Furoshiki shows us various expression, when it is used.
We can use Furoshiki whenever we need a bag. But when we needn't it, it can be hidden in our pocket.
In other scenes, Furoshiki is substituted the role, and changes into the fashionable one.
Furoshiki will become a scarf, and also become the picture of the wall by people who use it.
When encompassing something by it or when expanding itself, the simple coloring is a key point.
I thought about the design into which the expression changed every time it used it with a big handle.
The big handle is drawn in Furoshiki design, which is a hydrangea that is a symbol flower at Kobe City.
Furoshiki encompasses your important things with the flower and the earth.