Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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Together Healing Waters

by Freeda B.

Water is the basis for life on Earth. I chose this green and blue design to represent our water. Kobe, is by the water and near Osaka which has world renouned powers of health giving waters. The polluting of our water has created devastating changes to our environment. Water flows all over the world and any disregard for our water and earth on one side of the planet will eventually affect the whole of the planet.
This Furoshiki design is two sided. The flipside is a red background with a white cross. The red represents this planet bleeding, the blood that is the 'water of life'. It also represents the blood that runs through all of us, our water of life. The white cross is one big cross, the light that shines when we all work together to heal our fragile earth. Kobe is the gateway to Japan and so represents where the healing must begin. It is this gateway that is bringing the world together to heal the planet we know as the mother that has nurtured us all of our lives, Mother Earth.