Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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Nature's Subway

by Vina Domingo-Roy
Co-authors: None

Nature is interdependent on each other. Balance is essential in order for earth to survive. Everything is interconnected with each link contributing to the life of the other like a food chain. This interdependence can be conveyed by using a symbol that will resonate this connection. For me, the subway map of the City of Kobe is a good diagram that can convey interdependence. Without the necessary connections, one will not be able to reach his destination. The subway will only be effective if all lines are working. Stop or remove one line and chaos will start. My design used this concept, playfully putting symbols of nature all over the subway map with the issues of the Kobe meeting as the border design. For me, this pattern is not only decorative but also conveys the message of the Kobe meeting and at the same time, honoring the city by using one of their familiar symbols of everyday life. The colors of nature are also represented: blue (sea and sky), brown (earth), green (plants), and yellow (sun/energy). They are used on a black and white background to achieve different contrasts.