Kobe G8 Environment Ministers Meeting "Furoshiki"

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by Vina Domingo-Roy
Co-authors: None

We face challenges concerning the environment coming from different directions (political, economic, social). At the same time, possible solutions can also come from different directions (people, government, companies). This combination of challenges and possibilities for me would be best conveyed by an intertwined symbol, and in this case, the subway system of the City of Kobe is a good representation. I made a playful application of the basic subway diagram and connected them together to make an over-all pattern complemented by the environment issues that will be tackled in the Kobe meeting. For me, this pattern is not only decorative but also conveys the message of the Kobe meeting and at the same time, honoring the city by using one of their familiar symbols of everyday life. The colors of nature are also represented: blue (sea and sky), brown (earth), green (plants), and yellow (sun/energy). They are used on a black and white background to achieve different contrasts.