Power To The Pedal

Competition Details

icycle - why only bicycle when you can icycle and offset global warming?

by inione4earth.com
Co-authors: Gabriela Mayorquin

Overall Effectiveness:

The icycle system encourages people to integrate biking into their daily lives with carbon offsets or cash-equivalent-credits for use at their favorite participating hotspots. icyclers can locate entertainment, restaurants, retailers, etc., so it’s never too far away while icycling cash into their pockets. Users can find dedicated bicycle paths and/or the safest routes with instantaneous traffic flow scenarios, and then send them to the icycle GPS unit, iGPSi.


icycle employs Creativity by innovating existing resources to ignite a buy-icycling explosion! With iGPSi logging your mileage/cash credits on www.icycle4earth.org, all you do is: log in, apply your credits to your key chain icard (recycled plastic credit card format) then buy, sell and share or donate icycle offset credits everywhere you see icycle logos. And you can even get your friends to help fund your choice of green technology, whenever they icycle.


icycle can be successfully produced & put into practice within six months of (winning) ‘Power To The Pedal’ with relatively low investment and the development of partnerships with local businesses, globally. icycle and its sidekick iGPSi definitely add to cyclist safety by providing safe-route information. iGPSi also deters bicycle theft with its integrated high-decibel chirp alarm and/or self-recordable message.


icycle Aesthetics do not reside in one particular stagnant visual design, since it is so much more the accessory/add-on, iGPSi. Its full beauty resides in its potential to inspire the imagination to reach for endless possibilities, rather than reach for a ‘statistic of impossibility’ pointing to the perceived inability a person has to make an immediate positive environmental impact. To strengthen the overall form and presentation icyclers have the chance to personalize their iGPSi’s appearance, to inspire, remind and empower others to cause positive and lasting environmental changes that are only icycle strokes away.


icycology! ---The willingness to cycle as a cause to be rewarded--- changes the relationship of people to the environment. icycle puts ‘Power to the Pedal’ in peoples hands and feet, giving them power to unroll the fist and finger pointing in the ‘you cycle’ direction of environmental negligence, opening hands, palm up, in the icycle direction. Materials, production techniques, recycle or re-use factors of the icycle are environmentally friendly because it uses existing technologies (GPS/Internet). Logging carbon offsets using these technologies unleashes the power of icycology to remove oil dependency from people’s minds, the icycle way…icycle…do you?