Power To The Pedal

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eQo urban air renewal campaign

by anthony chimbuya

Urban cycling and limited automobile use reduces emissions, but in order to achieve clean air goals over the next 5 decades, it requires communities to come together on a global scale.
Cycling united with cleaning; a dual action method that utilizes involvement and education with tangible progress.
eQo campaign is aimed at improving air quality within urban environments through education and participation.- Cyclists and bicycle users are encouraged to attach eQo to their bicycle and help maintain air quality in their community.
The eQo is a portable plant pot which allows ourselves to reconnect with nature and surroundings. The user nurtures and cares for a plant as it grows providing oxygen to the atmosphere; using nature to recycle the urban air. The plant is then transplanted to a backyard or park/ urban centre to help recycle air in the community.
The units are simply mounted and maintained and would be made from materials that are retainable at the end of a proposed life cycle after which they would be separated, remanufactured /recycled or reused and returned into the cycle.
Global change requires that everyone plays their part. With volume, the eQo campaign could lead to significant drops in carbon levels within decades
Local governments can stipulate areas in front and on top of buildings where trees can be planted, in a bid to clean the air in a sustainable natural manner. The user also has the option of receiving a plaque with their name below the tree.
When not rearing a tree, the product may be used as a flower pot, or portable grass patch or allow the user to use their creativity and plant something nouvelle.
After the products useful life, it may be returned to the purchase point, where the user either reap a reward or given a new one.
Trees can lower energy costs—by as much as 50 percent for air conditioning and 20 percent for heating—by shading our homes in summer and breaking the force of winter winds. These savings on energy consumption translate to burning less coal and oil, less carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and reduction in environmental degradation
Trees improve air quality by removing atmospheric carbon dioxide, absorbing air pollutants reducing air borne dust particles by as much as 7,000 particles per liter of air and producing oxygen, with the average urban tree estimated to remove about 200 kg of carbon.