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Shift Jacket

by Paul Hoover

Most people’s biggest issue with using a bike as a form of transportation Is safety. People don’t feel safe traveling more that a short distance on their bike when motor vehicles are near by. Not only that but a lot of people are also not comfortable wearing traditional biking attire.
This jacket concept is supposed to be a solution to multiple problems when it comes to biking but its main purpose is to help protect people from injury and to be somewhat fashionable in the process. The idea behind the jacket is that it would be a lightweight waterproof fabric that would be lined with rate sensitive padding. Keeping the same profile as a normal jacket while providing a hidden layer of fall protection.
The hood portion of the jacket contains a collapsible hard-shell helmet that would allow for the user to wear the jacket with the hood down when not on their bicycle and still having easy access to the helmet with out having to carry or secure it somewhere. The hard-shell would be made out of three sections of plastic elastically fastened together allowing for a snug fit on the user so the hood can’t come off while riding and also maintaining peripheral vision by having the hood turn with the head.
The outside of the jacket has two ventilation areas one on both sides jacket for those people concerned with sweating, or if the user chose to wear the jacket on a sunny day. Along with the ventilation there are also multiple reflective graphic elements screen printed in place to make the user more visible during the day and night. Not only would the user be more safe from an injury but the reflectors would make it less likely for the user to have an incident with a motorist to begin with.
All in all this safety system gets rid of the need for multiple biking accessories and allows for the user to be fashionable, visible, cool, protected from injury and ready for cold rainy weather.