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Peltier hot/cold water bottle

by stefan De Swardt

Ever drove in the heat of the day and had a sip of your energy drink and it felt like the energy drink was on the stove?
Or have you ever wished you could take your coffee or hot chocolate with you on the bike ride without the drink getting cold?
Well it is possible with the new technology of peltier pads / plates.
This cooler is designed in a triangle to allow the drink inside to flow to the bottom opening, where you drink it through a small pipe. When you finished your drink, you allow the fluids to flow back into the cooler and this will enable you to always have a cool / hot drink while you ride.

On the sides of the cooler you have the aluminium extrusions that transfer the heat from the inside to the outside and let the breeze take the heat away.
The cooler has a switch that reverses the flow of the electricity (received from your hub dynamo) allowing it to act as either a cooling or heating device. The device has features that allow you to strap it to your bicycle frame.