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AURA - Garment and Laptop Pannier

by Federico Otero

Aura- Garment and Laptop Pannier

"Makes cycling to work a simple reality for everyone".

Bicycling can be one of most pleasant ways to commute to work. Cycling helps reduce stress, strengthens the heart, and allows one to save money on gasoline and as a result help the environment The benefits alone should be reason enough for everyone to start riding their bike to work, but unfortunately many people don’t make the change due to the simple fact that they don’t want to arrive with wrinkled clothes.
The Aura- Garment and Laptop Pannier allows for bicycle commuters to store their garments, laptop bag and accessories. The compartment is to designed with enough space to place your garments for work so they arrive wrinkle free.It also contains storage space for laptops, toiletries and bicycle accessories.
The Aura- Garment and Laptop Pannier attaches to the bicycle at the wheel and at the base of the seat of the bicycle. It can be easily be regulated to any seat adjustments. The Aura can effortlessly be attached and detached to the bicycle.