Power To The Pedal

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by George Mavronikolas

Bicyclists know that road maps aren't the whole story. Typically cyclists use all sorts of unmarked and unmapped routes. Often a roadmap tells us exactly where we don't want to be: right where all the cars are!

Cyclists have different interest in travel routes. We like less traffic, less hills, more greenways, more sidewalks and our greatest treasure - the shortcut.

Roads are a necessary externality of the prevalence of cars and trucks as transportation. The overall infrastructure of roadways, traffic signs and signals has a value arguably in the trillions of dollars.

When and how will cyclists ever enjoy such a reliable network of safe, efficient and enjoyable bicycle routes? And at what cost?

The BicycloPEDIA aims to allow for the creation of an infrastructure of information solely dedicated to identifying, labeling, and rating bicycle routes.

The BicycloPEDIA is an online ever-growing database of "segments". Each segment connects two near-by points on the globe and contains information about the road service, difficulty, length and other features.

The power of the BicycloPEDIA is that the system is created in wiki fashion by enthusiastic users everywhere.

Confident members can upload their own segments using a handheld GPS device. The user community continually re-evaluates various segments as well as other users. This way the system develops a community generated stability.

In turn, a handheld device can access this system when in need of guidance.

Possible tools could be: flattest routes, most-traveled routes, and safest routes.

Let's create our own infrastructure for bicycles from our collective efforts by establishing a live, interactive BicycloPEDIA.