Power To The Pedal

Competition Details

Pedal Power Pack

by Ben Decherd

This product combines elements of two very separate concepts to create a product which has multiple target group opportunities. Simply put, the product is a small power supply unit that recharges by attaching a bicycle. Using design aspects of a stationary bike trainer and a portable power supply, the product offers consumers a way to power small everyday electronic devices during power outages. The first possibility for use is in disaster relief. By offering a portable and renewable power source, families and communities can attempt to achieve some comfort in times of distress. A rugged and industrial look, as seen in this particular presentation, makes the device good for use in disaster zones. The everyday consumer is another target group of this product. A less industrial look than used for the disaster relief version could allow this device to enter the home of the average consumer. A possible user could be the bike enthusiast who, instead of buying a traditional bike trainer, is attracted to the possibility of living a more sustainable life. Instead of wasting the exerted energy of indoor training rides, the consumer can get a return on the hard work. This device can save him or her money on electricity, offer a more eco-friendly lifestyle, and give users a better understanding of the true energy needed to power everyday electronics. The wide range of opportunities for this device and the simple steps need to use the product, would support its success in the market.