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The Squealer

by Vessel
Co-authors: Tony Ruth, Dan Chung, Jereme Dumm, Steve Abueva

In most urban areas the need for bike security has robbed cycling of its simplistic beauty. The instinct to rely on a bicycle for errands and local transport has been constrained by the burden of cumbersome locking equipment; but even the burliest bike locks are often broken in busy areas without the notice of any passersby. Thieves simply bust the lock and quietly ride away. There must be a more simple, less obtrusive and more effective solution.

The Squealer is a compact combination-based cable lock that is self contained in a housing mounted onto the end of any handlebar.

It is designed to liberate the rider as much as possible from the complication of remembering keys and locks --- to enable a rider to enjoy the simplicity of grabbing the bike and going at a moment's notice. The system is simple to use and relies on a low voltage electrical current that is continuously sent through the system when locked. If the lock is cut, the current is interrupted and a high-decibel alarm begins to squeal from each of the housings, alerting those nearby to the theft. A thief who attempts to ride off on the bicycle will be easily identified by the shrieking alarm.

This concept is intended to offer a substantial amount of security with minimum inconvenience --- ideal for visits, shopping trips, and relaxed cruising around town. In situations where long term locking is required, such as for commuters or those who store their bikes outside, The Squealer is an excellent additional security mechanism to a standard steel lock.