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Coffee Rack

by mat_sh


If you need your caffeine and enjoy your cycling then you will know how tricky it can be to carry a take-out coffee when with the bike. The options are to ride or push. Riding is essentially one-handed with the potential distraction of getting scolded; pushing is slow with no hands free for doors and such like. Neither option is optimal.

‘Coffee Rack’ aims to improve matters, making it easy and safe to carry coffee short distances with the bike, e.g.:

1) from the railway café onto the train;
2) from the coffee shop to the office on the way into work;
3) from a tea-shop to a park, beach or other place.

‘Coffee Rack’ consists of a standard rear pannier rack with the top modified so that take-out beverages can slot into the top. Holes at each end of the rack enable two hot drinks to be carried at the same time, to arrive quicker, hotter and hopefully without anything spilt. Note these beverages must be in tapered receptacles, ideally with lids…

‘Coffee Rack’ is compatible with the full range of panniers and rack-packs that are already on the marketplace. The same aluminium alloy is used and rack doesn’t get lose strength from the minor redesign required for the drink holders. Manufacturing cost need not be more than the standard rack as it is the same aluminium, bent slightly differently.

Versions could be made for 26” wheel, 700c and the smaller 20” wheel used on folding bikes. In time all racks could end up ‘take-out-beverage’ friendly with the coffee-holders pioneered by ‘Coffee Rack’ specified by manufacturers, making cycling that bit more convenient for the caffeine-dependent masses.

Silver is the best colour for a bicycle rack as scratches do not show. However, ‘Coffee Rack’ could come powder coated in ‘Seattle Green’, ‘Mountain Blue’, ‘Mocha Orange’ and other fine colours inspired by Arabica, the barista and cycling.

Front-racks are not so common, mostly because they affect the steering. However, a front rack would make a very convenient coffee holder, having the advantage of making it easy to keep watch on contents. A custom front rack could be made to complement the rear rack design, enabling four drinks to be carried by a bike with both racks.