Power To The Pedal

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by Karen Ng

There are many reasons people are discouraged from riding their bikes as a form of transportation. The intended problem to solve with this specific user is the pain and discomfort that are caused by having to carry a heavy bicycle to the top story of her apartment complex whenever she wanted to ride. This issue is all it takes to convince her to drive instead. llevar is designed to provide a comfortable shoulder and hand rest for the biker when they have to carry their bike on their shoulder.

Recycled Material
By using recycled rubber mulch to manufacture llevar, the material is given a new life and kept out of land fill. Recycled rubber mulch offers advantages in areas of safety, cost, as well as durability.

This design was created in hopes for more people to consider riding their bikes to make short trips instead of driving. Specific users are those who live in apartments that require for them to carry their bikes. The impact of less drivers and more riders can make a big influence on the consumption of non-renewable energy and carbon footprint.