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Zephyr: Air Bag Vest

by tuckers23

Zephyr is an air bag vest that provides peace of mind for the urban bike commuter. During an average daily commute in a bustling urban center, bikers have to continually be aware of their surroundings and the cars that share the road with them. Zephyr alleviates the stress of a collision with these concerns by allowing the commuter to feel that they are safe and protected in the event of an accident. Over 50% of bike accidents result in injuries to the shoulder neck and head area. Zephyr reduces the amount of injury to these areas by deploying an air bag system.
Zephyr features a system of sensors and compressed carbon dioxide cartridges to provide the user with a safe “pillow” for their upper body. Immediately when the accelerometer on the bike senses a sudden deceleration from an impact, it sends a wireless signal to the vest. This signal sends the carbon dioxide gas, which inflates the airbags. Fully inflated, the air bags save the user from debilitating injuries that can be sustained to the head and neck area.
Zephyr facilitates enhanced commuting by allowing bikers to feel that they will be safer from injury while commuting.