Power To The Pedal

Competition Details

low profile_high impact

by Jenny Trygg

CRITERIA Create an accessory to encourage bicycle commuting.

OBJECTIVE Design protective headgear that is appealing to a female high school student. Currently most helmets have a masculine aesthetic. The female versions are typically the same aside from their pink or pale blue coloring.


{reusable} Existing helmets have to be replaced after one crash, this

{versatile} This slim protective layer allows the user to wear one of her own hats over the protective layer. Different hats can be interchanged depending on the weather, season, and trends in fashion

{compactable} The packaging and rigidity of standard helmets leads to inefficient use of space in transportation. The flexibility of the d30 material allows many more helmets to be shipped in the same amount of space.

{portable} This helmet could be easily stashed in your bag, Instead of lugging around a bulky helmet