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Easy Cleat

by mat_sh


Easy Cleat is a cleat for clipless pedals that has been modified to locate the foot on the pedal but not ‘lock in’.

The design is simple – a piece of metal is removed and the shoe no longer ‘locks in’ to the pedal (requiring a big twist of the ankle to release).

Easy Cleat is not just a starter cleat, it is also for more experienced riders that don’t actually ‘clip in’. The truth is that few of us do pull up on the pedals, Easy Cleat merely recognises that.

When riding with Easy Cleat there is no need to frequently reposition the feet, as happens with normal shoes and flat pedals.

Easy Cleat allows full movement of the ankle without the foot being ‘stuck’ to the pedal. It is unlikely that injury to the ankles is going to happen, or accidents due to the feet being glued to the bike that bit more than they need to be.

Easy Cleat goes against what SPD pedals are about, however, they do provide another alternative to ‘toeclips’, enabling hesitant riders to start riding with proper cycling shoes, i.e. with stiff soles and no stray laces.

Easy Cleat stops the foot from slipping off the front of a wet pedal, making the best option for safe and speedy riding in built-up areas with fast roads, whatever the weather. Realistically, only racers with closed roads need to ‘lock in’, this cleat is for the everyday.

Manufacture cost is not very different to that of existing cleats, however, the product needs fresh marketing to explain the concept to cyclists and the trade.