Power To The Pedal

Competition Details

MOVE-VAX (power pedal competition)

by Jonatan DE LA RUBIA
Co-authors: David Fernández


Product generated to improve the method of transport of objects in the bicycle. Move-vax is designed by a very clear aim(lens) that is to give solution to the transport of accessories and objects of the user in the bicycle and out of her(it).
He(She) presents several innovative characteristics:

a) It(He,She) serves as porter for the bicycle and of rucksack of daily use. Easy extraction.
b) Internal system of level change (height) depending on the object to transporting. A system of extensors in four corners.
c) Resistant to the water.
d) Hermetic and functional when it is transported in bicycle or to I peeped.
e) Leds of red colour partly back - wings for the visibility of other vehicles.
f) Rigid and resistant to blows.
We believe that the utilization of materials that respect the environment is very important.
We have thought to use plastic recyclable materials both for the fabric of the Move-Vax and for the plastic pieces of the reinforced interior. The system of coupling to the bicycle is of plastic and uses us also as rigid base when we use the way handbag.

The aesthetic design of the Move-vax goes in relation to the modes and trends of every city, country or continent. It(he,she) is for it that we think about the customization of every suitcase for the user. Every user will be able to personalize his(her,your) suitcase from Internet with the placement of photos, symbols, details that are of his(her,your) interest.
We hope that they have liked the project of the MOVE-VAX.

best regards.
Jonatan DE LA Rubia Márquez
Barcelona ( SPAIN)