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Eco-Chic Helmet

by Kyle Feguson

My goal is to provide a fashionable alternative to the over- technical, race-inspired, multi-vented helmets and their garish graphics that typify most helmets on the market. I would like to counter this with a tastefully designed, innocuous helmet for commuters, casual cyclists and appeal to those who ordinarily might not wear a helmet for the aforementioned reasons. My intention is to offer a helmet that blends in with street fashion and suits the task of a leisurely ride around town, running errands or commuting. This helmet is intended to be more akin to clothing than protective gear. I hoped to accomplish this by making use of natural materials such as cork, and of textiles which are less technical /race inspired and instead are influenced by millinery and traditional helmet construction. I sought to use a limited number of materials and combined them in a way that would allow the helmet to be easily disassembled and recycled or composted at the end of the helmet's service.

The wool cover not only adds a style component to the helmet but also conceals vents through the hard-shell and cork beneath it, while still allowing air circulation. The bio-plastic hard-shell has a rounded profile that will allow it to slide along the ground in the event of a crash, thus preventing it from catching on the pavement and causing further injury. The interior shell is constructed from cork because of its natural antimicrobial properties and because of its comparable mechanical properties to Expanded Polystyrene, which is used in the construction of conventional bicycle helmets.