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Pop on Delivery Systems (POD Systems)

by Paul Thomas

Pop on Delivery Systems (POD Systems)

POD is a very simple and extremely low cost solution for carrying heavy recyclable carrier bags on the rear of a push bike.

The device clips onto standard bike racks and allows the user to hang up to four bags along the rack’s side. Key features are the two carrier bag hooks located on either side of the rack, which uses a very simple single moulded polypropylene locking system to keep the bags in place and prevent them from swinging to aid stability; a mesh which prevents the bags from hitting the rear wheel and pedals; a water proof flap for protecting groceries from the weather; and under-bag support to prevent heavy bags from collapsing.

The POD can then be clipped onto a shopping trolley, the user shops as normal, when checking out, the user can then load POD, and it can then be carried to the bike and clipped back on for the cycle ride home.

When at home, the POD is unclipped and brought indoors for unloading; it and the now empty recyclable carrier bags can be rolled up and stored for future use. This intrinsically supports carrier bag reuse.

POD will be bought by cycle owners who live within approximately 3 miles of a supermarket (Urban environments), who currently shop by car, taxi, bus or on foot, and who would prefer to shop by bike for health, time, cost or environmental reasons. 96% of cycle owners in the UK currently shop by one of these non-cycle modes. POD is also attractive to cyclists who occasionally find themselves balancing shopping on the handlebars.

The typical UK food shopping trip is of length 3.1 miles each way; in urban centres, this number drops to 2.2 miles.

POD is made from a single piece of fabric; this allows the device to be folded and stored easily when not in use and also allows the POD to be posted as it is designed to fit through a letter box.

The single piece of fabric and simple construction, also gives the option for printing graphics on the side of the POD for individualism as well as allowing for it to be used as an advertising platform which would bring the cost to the user down even more, possibly even free.