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bee save helmet

by ryszard Fojcik

The bee save - helmet is a concept that shall bring more safety to the cyclist.

It was inspired by several points:
1. Give a save ride at night,
Many cycle accidents caused by car drivers, while they overlook them in the dark, end with fatality.
2. Avoid the helmet to slip, what would make it useless, that´s what happens with most helmets!
This shape makes the helmet also useable to skaters.
3. Making a new shape that´s not aggressive like most helmets on the market.
4. Pretend of flying insects like bee into the helmet.
5. The cascuz helmet I found during the design progress, it inspired me to make my helmet more individual, so the user can attach all kinds of elements into the helmet, like light, camera, mp3, earplugs, and all kind of styling objects made from silicone.

Material: The helmet is made of covered Styrofoam, the elements are made of skin-friendly silicone, they are quiet soft
Air condition: all standard plug elements have holes with a “filter” against flying insects.
Light elements: are put on when the user carry the helmet and touching them with his/her head.
Battery charge: the helmet is charged at a dock station by Induction.