Power To The Pedal

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by susa
Co-authors: Kristina Hartjen

Remember the last time, you rode your beautiful bike?
The bike that looks so nice, because it doesn't have a carrier, a handlebar basket, saddlebags or any of that stuff?
Do you also remember how it was, the last time you transported something and didn’t have a bag?
Drinks or food or something else?
You either carried the stuff in a plastic bag, hanging from your handle bar, dangling into the spokes, or it cut your hand until you stopped every few meters to change sides.
Or maybe non of the above but about half way home the bag ripped? Or you hardly made the stop before running into an old lady, because you only had one hand to brake.

SuperGRIP3000 is the answer to all of these situations.

The grip has an integrated bag made of thin polyester fabric. When folded together it fits into the handle. This way, you always have a spare bag, that's invisible when not in use.
SuperGRIP3000 is mountable to every conventional handle bar.
SuperGRIP3000is injection moulded in two materials Rubber on the outside, to have the conventional grip. On the inside it is plastic.

Take a look at the following pictures!