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Bike Angels

by marisak

As community and social networks grow more powerful in defining our roles in society and the company we keep, how can current bikers, and newly converted cyclists alike, benefit from this social trend?

Bike Angels, a system of bikers educated and equipped to provide basic medical and technical support to fellow bikers in need, is designed to provide the security, partnership, and sense of belonging inherent in thriving communities and groups. New bikers, in particular, may feel more inclined to attempt a bike ride knowing there is a support system in place in the event something goes wrong. In many respects, the Bike Angels system could be likened to a kind of neighborhood-watch or AAA model.

The Bike Angels system would be supported by individual cities as part of over-arching community-wide initiatives to encourage people to bike more and rely less on driving; thereby demystifying the act of biking and making it accessible to the general population.