Power To The Pedal

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by Danny Fairlie
Co-authors: Mike Brooks

The aim of Csee-O2 is to encourage people to develop and maintain a cycling routine for their regular commuting journey by increasing their motivation to choose to cycle rather then take a more polluting alternative.

At the core of the Csee-O2 design is a data logger and a red LED matrix display, integrated into panniers or a rucksack carried at the rear of the bicycle. The data logger connects wirelessly to a pod attached next to the bicycle wheel and calculates the carbon dioxide savings made from cycling versus the user’s usual alternative transport method. The data logger and display are powered by a rechargeable battery trickle charged by solar cells and show other road users the carbon savings made, plus act as a safety feature in the dark.

A flashy gadget, however, isn’t going to get the cyclist with alternative transport options out on the bike when it’s cold and wet. The strength of Csee-O2 is in motivating the cyclist by using the logged CO2 data.

The CO2 data is regularly uploaded to an online portal providing a summary of the cyclist’s journeys, a review of the previous month’s activity, and progress towards targets if set. This will maintain the visibility of cycling to the user and encourage them through the tangible environmental benefits.

Within an organisation or company the collective carbon dioxide savings from users can be collated and communicated internally, as well as externally for good PR. This would also demonstrate the positive impact a large group can make by everyone making small changes.

In addition to seeing environmental benefits, both individually and collectively, the encouragement from others will further motivate the cyclist. With users all logging their data through the online portal the next step is to bring them together through a Csee-O2 social network – at organisation and local levels. By encouraging interaction between cyclists, buddies will be found to cycle together, and routes and advice will be shared. Bringing cyclists together will help to foster a sense of community and encourage more time on the bike and less time in the car.