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Zaina Bags

by SimonCyan
Co-authors: Capra J'neva

Zaina is about being ready for anything. In a moment’s notice. Without anything to weigh you down.

Zaina is always with you, but hides in plain sight, leaving your bike sleek. With Zaina, there are no heavy panniers or complicated attachment systems.

The Zaina system uses a universal, recyclable aluminum rack that mounts to almost any bike. The beauty of Zaina, however, is the bags. Zaina bags go in your purse, back pocket, or shoulder bag when you’re on foot, because they store in a small clamshell. Pull the clamshell’s tab to unfurl a colorful, lightweight, rip-stop nylon bag from its hiding place when you’re ready to load groceries, a new pair of vegan shoes, or your raingear. Never need another disposable bag!

Zaina is a lot like other reusable shopping bags. And then some. With Zaina you’re no longer limited to the extra room in your backpack and you won’t have to sling your groceries over the handlebars. You’ll never forget your panniers again. But you’ll forget they’re there.

With Zaina, no hassling with bungees or hooks. Simply fit the pocket on the back of the bag over the bottom of the rack. Hook the bag loop onto the rack. Then, pop the clamshell into its holder at the front of the rack and lock it in place with a twist. Close the bag’s flap if it’s raining, or leave it open to fit a warm baguette from the neighborhood boulangerie.

We designed Zaina by interviewing extreme bike commuters, bike aficionados, and people who never bike. We want to make biking more practical without making it less fun. People need to have the ability to carry their stuff without a lot of foresight and planning and without the encumbrance of panniers. We wanted our product to conveniently replace disposable bags whether you bike or not. We prototyped many concepts, each time testing on real roads. Our solution is durable, easy to install, and made from polypropylene nylon, from recycled drink bottles.

Zaina bags are so light and pack so small, you can take them with you everywhere, but they live with your bicycle so you’re always ready for a stop on the way home, a quick jaunt to the market, or that glittering chotchke sitting by the side of the road. Zaina brings elegance and practicality on two wheels. Be prepared for whatever inspires you, and stay weightless.