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Road Share: Bicycle Social Networking

by Johnathan Kroeger

Road Share is a bicycle social networking site when used in conjunction with the Road Share tracker logs your miles on your bike to create a dialogue among cyclists. Users create a profile showcasing their bike, hometown, maps, routes, riding stats, and comments. Before a ride the user starts their robust, affordable GPS tracker unit, attaches it to their bike, backpack, or puts it in their pocket, and the stats of their ride will be logged including mileage, speed, time, and route. When they get home they hook it into their computer log onto the website and their information is automatically logged. The GPS unit is compatible with Scandisk memory cards, so the memory is expandable, and hooks to the computer through USB.

Online, the user can give a name, a purpose, and any additional comments about the ride including flagging problem areas. Their rides are displayed for all their friends to see, and all the data is compiled onto one large map for all users to see most used routes, dangers, and what types of riders based on averages ride in a location. The maps are color coded for easy reading. The site also becomes a forum to talk about biking concerns, organize rides, and become active members in the city’s biking community.

Road Share is a platform that becomes expandable as more users start defining what they want to get out of the experience. Future feature expansions could include one in which riders can know when they rode in proximity to others, links into other social networking platforms, and a manual input for route information as to get more involved. Also the GPS unit is expandable into a line of clothing or other useful bicycle accessories for future generations of the product.