Power To The Pedal

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by orlando_c

In many big cities in developing countries like Colombia, doesn't exist enough conditions for the use of bicycles as a kind transportation beyond a recreative use yet. In part the problem situates because vehicles drivers (public or private) doesn't have the education and responsibility to show respect or tolerance to bickers or pedestrians and usually they believe than cars are the most important elements into the urban environment. Also countries like that they don't have special roads for bicycles and for that reason bicycles, private cars and public transport has to share the same roads. Drivers seems bickers on the road as another automotive vehicle not known than a bicker is not that strong than cars structure. Becoming the bicker in an invisible costumer of the public roads in those countries.

For that reason this proposed, based in the following concepts:

Fragility, visibility and recognizing.

This proposed seeks to educate the car drivers, in the understanding a bicker as a fragile like an egg smashed by a hammer (Bicker against a car) and bickers to understand they are not warriors on the road fighting for space there without warranties as well, they are more vulnerable, in Colombia the use of a helmet is obligatory and this never make you stronger if you are riding a bike.

This object has iconic elements, really famous and used in the packing systems, all of this reinforcing the message around this concept and at the same time makes think drivers about the meaning of a bicker against a car, in the same way than everybody recognizes a blue helmet soldier or an international Red Cruz official in any war.

The purpose "Helmet" is made with basic forms that mean it can be make in a cheap way with existing materials in this industry. This has a big impact in pour economies like Colombian one, where people whose use a bicycle as a transportation doesn't earn too much money. This project is done at the same time for woman, kids who for those conditions showed here usually are the bike riders on the road.

Using international icons from the packing systems as a primary concept of the project, the project gives the possibility of a mayor sale and it could bring to other countries with the same problems to be involved and interested in this kind of solution.

ORLANDO, Campo Erazo
Industrial designer