Power To The Pedal

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bicycle rules

by Donatella Caruso
Co-authors: Matteo Fioravanti, Franco Pisani

*bicycle rules!*
The bicycle is a tremendously efficient means of transportation. In fact cycling is more efficient than any other method of travel--including walking!
The other neat thing about bicycles for anyone interested in machines and mechanics is that everything is completely exposed. There are no covers or sheet metal hiding anything on a bicycle, it is all out in the open.
In other words, today, the bicycle is a simple, super efficient machine.
Bicycle as a mean of simplicity, efficiency, lightness is an *icon of perfection*.
It is hard to think of something that has the capacity of improving the machine, in terms of *hardware*: biking accessory or add-on.
Instead, a lot can be done in terms of *software* in order to improve the bicycling experience and encourage more people to make biking their primary means of transport.
This proposal is about creating a set of worldwide accepted *rules* to make the bicycle *rule* the human habitat.
We propose the international "*New Pedal Code*" for the rights of cyclists. It will defend the cyclists in everyday life and will protect the use of this ecological vehicle. All over the world the cyclists will be respected according to the "New Pedal Code", and finally, oil-fueled transportation tools will feel *uncomfortable* in human environment.
Helping and protecting at the same time, and above all definitely *cool*.
By accepting the code the Governments will provide incentives for the use of bicycles in daily transportantion in many different ways.
Trasportation systems will be definitely subordinated to the presence and the life of bicycles. A system in which no-negotiation will be accepted by bicycle, a system in which
*bicycle rules!*