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'Highlighter' - Urban Bicycle Safety Light

by Vincent Law
Co-authors: Jessica Wong

User scenario 1: in urban areas a cyclist stops at an intersection on the right/ left-most side of the street, or at the sidewalk. Cars that pull up alongside them may not realize or forget that a cyclist is there. The car turns right/ left while cyclist rides forward resulting in a collision.

User scenario 2: in urban areas cars turning into oncoming traffic at intersections are often too focused looking out for cars to notice a cyclist.

Design problem: With a large proportion of bicycle accidents occurring at intersections how can we make the cyclist more visible to drivers at intersections. Traditional bicycle lighting primarily used at night to alerts cars directly fore and aft, and not perpendicular or at forward angles.

Solution: 'Highlighter' - a lighting system that allows you to see and be seen night and day. These J shaped lighting units mount onto the ends of a bicycle’s handlebar. The main body contains multiple 1/2 watt flashing yellow L.E.D.’s that provide a deluge of horizontal light towards adjacent cars. And at the front are 3 watt white LED headlights to illuminate the road and alert cars ahead. With 'Highlighter' installed your bicycle is “highlighted” in the streetscape, alerting drivers of your presence.

'Highlighters' illuminate the road with 2 headlights spaced far apart, creating shadows for improved contrast & visibility at night. As an option a rearview mirror may also be attached. An adjustable photo-sensor automatically dims the lights in the evenings and converts the flashing headlight to a steady beam.

'Highlighters' are made from materials containing recycled plastics that are biodegradable & recyclable. They are designed to withstand impact, the elements and uses standard rechargeable penlight batteries. 'Highlighter' increase the safety of cyclist, making cycling more enjoyable and encouraging more people to ride.