Power To The Pedal

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Transforming chainless bicycle

by Lee Wonjae
Co-authors: Kim Hyung-Kyu, Choi Jung-Hun

[Bicycle operation]
this bicycle wheel rotates using principle that elastic body which has link to pedal increases if rider's foot drops to lower direction using a force of gravity direction and shrinks again originally by state,which make rider's foot to be raised naturally.

Right foot pedal is linked with front wheel and left foot pedal is linked with rear wheel. when right foot drops using a force of gravity, left foot rises by elasticity, which can go forward powerfully receiving elasticity during alternation drop of the right foot and left foot.
Rider can also make two pedals drop at the same time.

A elastic body's top connect to a wheel which affect only one direction. So, if you go to backward, you can turn heading to backward.

1. This bicycle don't need chain which take severe weight and prevent bicycle structure from being simple.

2. This bicycle can easily transform to clothes hanger which can solve robbery problem and parking lot shortage problem because this bicycle can be kept in a rider's house

[My hope]
When a bicycle transform to clothes hanger, Remaining 4 wheel coulde be usable for the scale, Air cleaner, Note PC, Massage pillow or something which can be rechargeable during rotating.