Power To The Pedal

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fly to the moon

by Hiroshi Eguchi
Co-authors: Noritake(illustrtation)

My roadracer's front wheel had damaged in the slight accident, and i couldn't ride it for several weeks. Meanwhile, I should have ride a bus and on foot to my office
I bought wheels by the auction . Then I took a ride on a bicycle after a long time.
At that time, I felt the sense that flew over the sky indeed.
I found out only the bicycle can float the person from ground by man's power .
Finally I thought the new device that everyone could notice " ride on a bicycle = fly over the sky ".
It add only one button shaped of the moon to existing cycle computers.
It is about 380,000km from the earth to the moon.
If you push the button once, how much ratio approached to the moon is displayed on the screen.
If you pushes again, it display total distance you ride
If you pushes again, it display total time you ride.
Even a enthusiastic runner who ride 100Km on a day will be able to enjoy it long time about 10 years.
If the cooperation of the cyclecomputer manufacturers can be received, the hurdle of commercialization is extremely low.
The idea " ride on a bicycle = fly over the sky " is very simple.
Therefore it will sympathize a lot of person.